Latrea Kimberly

prolific writer

music enthusiast

radio personality

Thank you’s

  • Latrea’s MusicallYours┬áradio show is a great contemporary gospel broadcast. I heard groups and songs on this 11:00PM Monday night web stream that I usually don’t hear on Sunday morning gospel broadcasts on most radio stations. That may be the benefit of being an independent station and if that is the case keep doing what you’re doing Latrea!

    Martin Lindsey

  • Latrea is such a beautiful person! She is one of those people who is always smiling even in the mist of a storm. You don’t even have to ask her she is always jumping in to help no matter what the situation. She has a big heart and is so reliable. So grateful to know her. She’s the best!

    Onjalee Lashay

  • Latrea is a great host who’s background in engineering is evident in her song selections and transitions. MusicallYours takes you on a musical journey with an urban flare that features relevant emerging to established artist.

    Action Magazine was introduced to Latrea’s MusicallYours Radio Show some months ago when being interviewed to talk about the brand and promote an upcoming event. Latrea is a professional who is socially savvy. Her radiant smile and down to earth interviewing style captivated us and instantly, became family. I am glad to have Latrea as a fellow media colleague, supporter and friend!

    Dadria Hester